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Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 11 to 2 PM

photo by Bettye Lane

Gary O’Neill, Bettye’s nephew, and Donna McAlpine, Bettye’s niece, invite friends and admirers to join the family at a Celebration of Bettye and view her historic photographic collection of feminist, gay rights, civil rights struggles, and other social justice protests.

Everyone is welcome. Gloria Steinem is making a special effort to get there, and Helen Hooke and the Deadly Nightshade have generously agreed to share their great music.


NOVEMBER 3, 2012 (Saturday)

11-1 PM

Judson Memorial Church, New York City

The Church is on the south side of Washington Square Park. The entrance for this event will be around the left side of the church, where there is a ramp and elevator.

Please bring any photos by Bettye or of Bettye you would like to share. We will have a “memory book” for you to express your thoughts. Or you can write a message ahead of time and leave it for the family.

Note that there will be light refreshments, some planned speakers, starting with the family and closest friends and then an open mike.

Please tell your friends. We all miss Bettye.

Please pass on this invitation.


For Further Information Contact: Barbara Love: bjlove

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