Veteran Feminists of America


Helen Z. Pearl
Helen Z. Pearl passed away after a long battle with cancer with her family at her bedside on October 4, 2015.
Helen was a graduate of Vassar College, Phi Beta Kappa in economics, mother of 3 grown children, and in a very long marriage to Jason Pearl, a lawyer. Helen was an honoree at the VFA's April 2005 celebration of "Feminism and its Values" which conference she also co-chaired.
Her Feminist Activism
In 1973, Helen represented AAUW in Connecticut's ERA  and ERA-All the Way campaigns. Her activism on behalf of the ERA changed her career trajectory. 
She began by auditing Shirley Byciewicz's course at the U-Conn Law School, Women and the Law. By 1975, she was a full-time law student. At her graduation, Prof. Byciewicz who was herself the first woman hired as a professor at the
U-Conn Law School, stepped out of the receiving line personally to hand Helen her law degree.
Also during the 1970s, Helen served on the Board of Alert: Woman's Legislative Review, a a local newsletter founded by VFA vice president, Sheila Tobias, to watch Connecticut state legislators' votes on issues of importance to women.
Later in the 1990s, Helen joined Sheila on the Board of VFA.
Her most recent appearances at VFA events were in St. Louis, Labor and Feminism, September 2014 and at the
New York Salute to Muriel Fox, in October 2014.
She will be sorely missed by all who knew her and benefited from the gift of her intellect and commitments to women's betterment.
Our sympathies go out to her husband, Jason and her children.