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In the wake of the World Health Organization's June 2013 report showing that violence against women and girls is a global health problem of epidemic proportions, the publication of Riane Eisler's chapter Protecting the Majority of Humanity: Toward an Integrated Approach to Crimes against Present and Future Generationsť in the new Cambridge University book Sustainable Development, International Criminal Justice, and Treaty Implementation is both timely and practical. Continuing her work of placing the rights, problems, and aspirations of the majority of humanity -- women and children -- on the international agenda as integral to a sustainable and just future for all, Eisler proposes that the Rome Statute and R2P can, and should, be used to end traditions of violence that not only take the lives of millions of women and children but also have very adverse impacts on economic and social health. Edited by Sebastien Jodoin and Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, the book is part of the series: Treaty Implementation for Sustainable Development. ISBN:9781107032934; July 2013.

Riane says... "As is unfortunately the case with so many groups of otherwise wonderful people working for a better world, this is the only piece in this book on crimes against the majority of humanity: women and children! This is why I have made it my mission as a member of the international organizations such as the World Future Council, the Club of Rome, etc. to help them recognize that they cannot achieve their goals unless they move "women's issues" from the margin to the center of the progressive agenda. My chapter proposes a new strategy for ending traditions of domination and violence against women and children. "

Riane wrote the first article ever published in the Human Rights Quarterly on what has since become known as women's rights as human rights.  This  is a continuation of her  work to expand the human rights agenda to include women This chapter describes how to use international law as an instrument to hold governments accountable for not stopping entrenched traditions of violence against women and children, and also shows that this violence not only has horrendous consequences for those directly impacted but for everybody: for the larger society and economy.

 Betty Williams (the Nobel Peace laureate) and Riane founded the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV) as a project of the Center for Partnership Studies, and  Riane is now discussing with the new leadership of SAIV  how to best bring forward this proposal.  Riane  invites you to be part of this so needed and timely effort, and looks forward to your thoughts...


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