VFAs Complete Listing of Events



Dec. 1991 –  First Reunion.. Planned by Jacqui Ceballos and Dorothy Senerchia… Pioneer feminists from NY, NJ and CT at Seventh Avenue Regiment in NYC. Present included Susan Brownmiller, Alix Kates Shulman,  Rox Baxendahl, Phyllis Chesler, Barbara Seaman, Betty Spalding.  

May, 1993 – Honoring Catherine East at the Seventh Regiment Armory in NYC. Jacqui Ceballos chief planner, with help from Dorothy Senerchia and Joan Michel. Our first official event, over 300 came from all over the country and England and Mexico to honor Catherine, including Mary Eastwood, Sonia P Fuentes, other NOW founders.. Betty Friedan was in Los Angeles, and was to come, but she had her first “stroke” and was unable to travel.

December, ’93  -Honoring Flo Kennedy  at the Armory.  Gloria Steinem, Emily Goodman  and others pay special tribute to our beloved Flo.

May ’94 -  Honoring Congresswoman Martha Griffiths, Betty Friedan, Virginia Allen and other great feminists from DC, Dallas, NY and CA  at the Sewall Belmont House in Washington, DC. Jacqui Ceballos “officiated” with help from Catherine East and Mary Eastwood. Present also,  Tony Carabillo, Ellie Smeal, Judy Meuli, Sonia P Fuentes.

Fall, ’94 – Honoring Bella Abzug  at the Armory in NYC.  Gloria Steinem, Renee Taylor, Shirley MacLaine , Geraldine Ferraro at guest table with Bella.

Spring, ’95 – Marriage and Family with Coalition for Family Justice in Irvington, NY..Betty Berry , Monica Getz and others honored.

Fall – ’95  -  Honoring Gloria Steinem _ Armory, NYC

 November 12, 96 –Celebrating NOW’s 30th Anniversary and Honoring NOW Founders at Barnard College. Everyone there from around the country..including Friedan, Aileen Hernandez, Gene Boyer, Carl Degler, Shep Aronson, Muriel Fox, Sonia Fuentes, Dorothy Austin, Inez Casiano.

November 13, ’96 – Honoring NOW activists at the Armory in NYC.  Joan and Gerry Evans Gardner, Mary Jean Collins, Jim Robson, Lucy Komisar, Mary Jean Tully, Muriel Fox, Karen DeCrow  … everyone from all over the country.

10  December 13, ’97 – Celebrating the Women’s Liberation Movement…at the Armory, Heather Booth, Jo Freeman, Ros Baxendahl, Susan Brownmiller;  radical feminists from all over the country.

April, ’98 -- Honoring Gerda Lerner,  Betty Harrigan, Midge Kovacs, Alllie Latimer, Daisy Fields,  Claire Fulcher, Virginia Whitehill and several others.. Armory

Nov. ’98 -  Honoring Kate Millett. Armory in NYC.. Gloria Steinem Emcees. Eleanor Pam helped with planning..   Betty Friedan special guest.

May  ’99 – D.C. Honoring  Donna Allen, Tina Hobson, Eliz Boyer, Arvonne Frazer, Vera Glaser, Carmen Delgado Votaw, Allie Hixson, Doothy Haelgele, Mariwyn Heath, Dusty Roads, Louise Raggio, Marion Norby, June Chewning. Sewall Belmont House in D.C. 

Nov, ’99 -  Honoring Betty Friedan at the National Arts Club in NYC.

April, 2000 -  We Celebrate National Treasures at Sewall Belmont house in DC.  Cathryn Adamsky, Mary Gereau, Joy Simonson, Kappi Spencer, Kathryn Avery, Jean Ledwith King, Maura McNiel, Anne Turpeau, Karline Tierney,Patricia Ireland,  Pat Schroeder & Ruth McLean Bowers.

October, 2000 -   Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Women’s Strike for Equality.. Seventh Regiment Armory  in NYC.  National Strike organizer Karen DeCrow,Susan Brownmiller, Kate Millett, Carole de Saram, Jacqui Ceballos and other Strike organizers relive that great day when “We became a Movement.”

March 2001 - Celebrating Louisiana feminists at Newcomb in New Orleans. Roberta Madden, Sylvia Roberts, Karline Tierney, many others.

June, 2001 -  Celebrating Heroes of Women’s StudiesPlanned by Sheila Tobias  ..Barnard College, NYC.. Jane Gould, Lois Rader Elias, Renata Bridenthal, Louis Knight, Florence Howe, Katherine Ellis, Lois Herr, Nancy Hoffman, Carol Jacobs, Barbara Gerber, Lenore Weitzmann, Kira Brunner, Billie Luisa-Potts, Amy Swerdlow, Ferris Olin, Kate Swift, Barbara Newell, Joyce Nower, Carol Council.. others.

April  6, 2002-  Honoring Pioneer Feminists of Florida..With South Palm Beach NOW and Florida Atlantic U, at the university.  All day events with students.  Judy Kaplan, Irma Newmark, Elizabeth and Bob Shepard. Eliz Perry, many others.  JUDY Kaplan chief planner.

20   April  26, 2002 -  Salute to Feminist Writers .. Barnard College, NY.. Kate Millett, Erica Jong, Barbara Seaman, Phyllis Chesler, Susan Brownmiller, Alix Kates Shulman, Letty Pogrebin, Marilyn French, Beverly  Sheitel (?)     Planned by Sheila Tobias.

Nov 8, 9 -  2002 -  Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Title IX – in Baltimore. Organized by Betty Newcomb..  Terry O’Neil, Ellie Smeal, Bernice Sandler, Holly Knox, Jean King, Lois Herr, Bonnie Howard, Priscilla Leith, Betty Friedan, Mary Jean Tully.

Feb, 2003 – Mid west conference in Chicago ??

Nov 2003 – Salute to Feminists in the Arts… Nat Art Club, NYC..Jacqui Ceballos with help from   Suzanne Benton, Gloria Orenstein and  Cristine Biaggi..Honorees include  Judith Anderson, Silvianna Goldsmith, Diane Kurz,  Betty LaDuke,  Karen LeCocq, Kate Millett, Arlene Raven,  Sylvia Sleigh, Alida Walsh, Ruth Weisburg, Barbara Zucker,  Patricia Burnett,  others..

May 2004 – Boston, Conference Celebrating 40 Years of Title VII – Bonnie Howard, Eleanor Clift, Aileen Hernandez, Lis Herr, Muriel Fox, Sheila Tobias, Kathleen Casavant, Betsy Dunn, Kathryn Rogers,  Natalie Norris,  Phyllis Segal, Martha Davis, Lorena Weeks, William H Brown

August 27, 28, 2004 - Honoring Midwest Feminists in Chicago, University of Illinois, “Unfinished Business of the Feminist Movement”.. Judith Kagan,  Ann Crittenden, Maureen Ryan, Alice Palmer, Ruth Mojica-Hammer, Sara Evans,Judy Long, Mary Jean Collins, Veronica Arreola, Anne Ladky, Tracy Smith, Susan Ross, Ann Feldman, Virginia Watkins, Congresswoman Jan Schakowdy.

April, 2005 – Honoring Conn Feminists..
in Cromwell, CT…Planned by  Sheila Tobias and Helen Pearl. Among honorees  -- Ruthe Boyea, Barbara Lifton, Kay Bergin, Susan Yolen, Lucy Gioddard, Donna Brunstad, Barbara de Battiste, many more..

May, 2006 -  Honoring Helen Reddy in Los Angeles at the Feminist Majority Building

May 1, 2006 – Honoring California feminists… Los Angeles… Judy Meuli, Jennifer Abod, Rosalie Abrams, Margie Adam, Marlene Crosby, Ivy Bottini, Brenda Feigen, Joanne Parent, Dorothy Jonas, Betty Brooks, Zoe Nicholson, AnitaWeiss,  many others.

NOVEMBER, 2006- DEBUT OF FEMINISTS WHO CHANGED AMERICA.. Columbia U and Barnard, NYC…  Barbara Love, Sheila Tobias, Muriel Fox, Cheryl Redmon, Bettye Lane, many others..

 ______?  2007 -  .. SHOWING OF TOWN BLOODY HALL  in Boca Raton.     Present… Sheila Tobias, Jacqui Ceballos, Irma Newmark, Gonzalee Ford, Betty  Berry, Amy Hackett, Judy Kaplan, many others.. No video.

2008 -  Town Bloody Hall.. at Nat Art Club in NYC.. Planned by Dorothy Senerchia…Showing of the movie.. Afterwards there is a panel discussion, with   original panalists, Germaine Greer, Jill Johnston and Jacqui Ceballos. Marlene Sanders led discussion.

April 20, 2009 - Pompano Beach, Fl.. Eleanor Pam  and Barbara Love honor Fla feminists

August 2009 -  Stockton , CA.. Honoring north California feminists.. Organized by Beverly MaCarthy, Mayor Ann Johnston, Ruth Gottstein, Mary Stanley,

_______ 2010 – Honoring lawyers and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Harvard Club in NYC.. Sheila Tobias in charge, with help from Joan Michel, Muriel Fox and Sally Lunt. Among honorees --- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,  Sylvia Roberts, Karen DeCrow, Emily Goodman, Jan Goodman, Faith Seidenberg, Doris Sassower, Sonia P Fuentes,

March, 2010..  Dallas, TX.. The Gender Agenda… Bonnie Wheeler, Gloria Steinem, Sheila Tobias, 100 Tx women, including Virginia Whitehill, Winnie Wackowitz, Moira McNiel, Catalina Garcia,  Sissy Farenthold, Louise Raggio, Vivian Castleberry, and 100 others.

August 21, 2010 – VFA honored by the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY… They gave us a plaque at a wonderful dinner.. I rec’d the plaque and called several VFA members there to say a few words…Carole de Saram, Barbara Love, Gracia Molina Pick, Judy Pickering, Cindy Judd Hill.  It was a thrilling event. Thanks to the women of the Hall,

April, 2011- Honoring Betty Friedan on 45th anniversary of NOW and Feminine Mystique.. Planned and chaired by Jacqui Ceballos, with  Emily Friedan,  Nataya Friedan and 3 other Friedan grandchildren, Stephanie Coontz, Cynthia Epstein, Al Sutton, Jeanne McGill, Grace Welch, Heather Booth, Muriel  Fox, Sheila Tobias and many personal friends of Betty’s… We auctioned Linda Stein’s painting of Betty, showed  intro of Mary Daly’s movie, “She’s Beautiful When She Laughs” and Al Sutton and Jeanne McGill’s movie of the August 26, 1970 March for Equality in NYC.  

October 28/29 -   Rollins College, Orlando Florida.. Muriel Fox, Judy Kaplan, Sheila Tobias, Zoe Nicholson and The Bridge Project, college students, Michele and Jacqui Ceballos,

July 2012  -   Alverno College in Milwaukee… Honoring many, including Bede Urich…Sister Joel Read…. And interaction with students.. Earned lots for VFA…  I didn’t go..

39 -  Feb, 2013  -  FEMINIST PANEL IN FT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA.. planned and run by Eleanor Pam, with Mary Vasiliades,




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